Treat Yourself!

9 months ago

CA GROWN flower bouquet

This is a sponsored post for CA GROWN Flowers.

Don’t you just love treating yourself to fresh flowers? Whether it’s a fresh cut bouquet from my garden or a fresh bunch of flowers purchased while grocery shopping, that beautiful pop of color sitting on my dining room table always puts a smile on my face. 

Since the flowers in my yard aren’t holding up too well to the heat wave we’ve been dealing with in California, I was happy to treat myself to some beautiful flowers from Vons recently. When I walked in the house with them, my 3-year-old jumped up and shouted, “Oh! You brought flowers just for ME?!” How could I say no to that?

Good thing I bought two bunches!

CA GROWN flower bouquets in my car

Did you know that June is California Grown Flower Month? The state legislature issued a proclamation making June California Grown Flower month to demonstrate support for an industry that provides over 145,000 jobs, generates $12.2 billion in business activity and $1.1 billion in additional tax.

Honestly, I had no idea that the California flower industry was so big or that it was so easy to find and purchase beautiful flowers that are grown right in my state. When buying flowers, look for the blue and yellow CA GROWN license plate on the packaging and you’ll know that you’re supporting California flower farmers. I know that many of you think about buying local when it comes to food and supporting small businesses, but it might not occur to you think the same way when buying flowers.

CA GROWN flower display at Vons

I happened to be in Fresno recently so I went to Vons Woodward Park Pavilion to check out their selection of California Grown flowers They had a nice big display that was visible as soon as I walked in. Each bunch of California Grown flowers was clearly marked with the blue license plate logo, making it super easy to choose locally grown flowers.

CA GROWN flower bouquet

Flowers grown in our state are fresh and last longer because they are grown in our own backyard. And California Grown flowers are grown by multi-generational farming families, who have a rich history of giving back to their communities. Coming from a multi-generational farming family myself, I have seen this firsthand. 

My husband and I went to our local Save Mart in Madera last night and I discovered they have a huge beautiful CA Grown flowers display there now, too. I was happy to see the flower department looking so great to go along with the recent remodel the store has undergone. To be honest I haven’t always loved the flower selection at our local grocery store, but I was seriously impressed with the CA Grown flowers on display. 

If you’re in Madera and haven’t shopped at Save Mart on Howard Road in a while, check it out. The new look of the store is so beautiful that I almost don’t mind having to walk up and down every aisle to find my groceries since the entire store has been rearranged. Luckily the ice cream is in the same spot. 

So next time you’re in the mood to treat yourself to fresh flowers, look for the blue CA Grown license plate logo and help support California flower farmers with your purchase. You can find CA Grown flowers at Safeway Northern California, Bristol Farms, Gelson’s, Albertsons and Vons Pavilions, Lazy Acres Natural Markets. 

Just don’t forget the ice cream!



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